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    $110.00 Add To Cart
    12 PIPE WOODEN RACK/STAND    Wooden pipe rack/stand will hold 12 Pipes standing. We will quote on freight to send due to its size and fragility. Actual may vary slightly from pictures...
  • A1 Lacquer Flexi-box - Bianco e Nero
    $50.00 Add To Cart
    The Nero flexi-box is a relatively simple design with few compartments. It is very well suited as a cigar box for giving a gift or general purpose storage. Will fit 4 to 5 cigars, depending on their size...
  • Adjustable Frosted Empty Cigar Tube - (USA)
    $15.00 Add To Cart
    Perfect for gifting this Christmas, easy adjustable frosted empty tube. This plastic cigar tube has a great design and is extremely strong. It easily fits into pockets and can carry a cigar with up to a 52 ring gauge.
  • BOVEDA 4 x 60grm Pouch Cedar Holder for Humidor
    $45.00 Add To Cart
    Boveda 4 pouch - Cedar Holder for Humidors - USA While it is perfectly fine for Boveda to come into direct contact with cigars and wood. Boveda Cedar Holders are an elegant way of keeping your humidor looking neat...
  • Cigar Wrapper Repair Glue
    $16.00 Add To Cart
    Ever found yourself in a situation where your cigar began to unravel? WAIT!! Do not toss that unravelled cigar out just yet. What if I told you there was a little vial of magic goo that would bring your cigar back to life...
  • Double Cigar Clip
    $15.00 Add To Cart
    Double Cigar Clip - (USA) Code: CH2 This amazing and very helpful clip will be your best friend on the golf course or by your table. Holds 2 cigars of up to a 56 ring gauge while clipping to your golf bag or table. It will...
  • IonicPro Car Ionizer
    $43.00 Add To Cart
    Ionic Pro - Car Ionizer Enjoy cleaner, fresher air in your car with the Ionic Pro Car Ionizer. Just plug it in to your car's cigarette lighter socket to silently clean, refresh and purify the air in your car. Features:...
  • Burgundy, Genuine Leather
    $170.00 Add To Cart
    Savinelli Leather Tobacco Pouch and Pipe Traveller. This multi purpose and functional leather hand carry all traveller will assist when away for a week or a weekend. Will hold up to 2 pipes, accessories like Pipe cleaners,...
  • Wine Opener & Cigar Cutter (Waiters Bestie)
    $45.00 Add To Cart
    Wine Opener & Cigar Cutter - (Waiters Bestie) Nothing beats having a cigar paired with a nice vintage bordeaux. In order to enjoy both, you'll need a wine opener, and a cigar cutter. So we gave the middle man the...
  • Womens Guayabera 3/4 Sleeve Linen Shirt
    $75.00 Add To Cart
    Womens Guayabera 3/4 Sleeve Linen Shirt - 100% Linen In 2010, Cuba declared the guayabera shirt to be its official garment. The guayabera shirt is distinguished by several details: either two or four patch pockets and two...

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