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BOVEDA 4 x 60grm Pouch Cedar Holder for Humidor

  • BOVEDA 4 x 60grm Pouch Cedar Holder for Humidor
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Product Description

Boveda 4 pouch - Cedar Holder for Humidors - USA

While it is perfectly fine for Boveda to come into direct contact with cigars and wood.

Boveda Cedar Holders are an elegant way of keeping your humidor looking neat and tidy.

Each Spanish Cedar holder fits 2 or 4 60gram Boveda pouches perfectly into slots provided (depending on how many cigars you have inside), each Boveda Holder also includes magnet and metal plates with 3M adhesive for easy attachment to the underside of your humidor lid.

Actual size : 7.25" x 6" x 1"

Why not add one to your cigar humdior purchase online, you can use this with the 84% Boveda Humidor Seasoning pouch also.

Or purchase the 4 pouches, to keep 100 cigars in perfect condition at all times, then just replace the pouches as required.

Check out the 69%, 72% or 84% for seasoning your humidor, we even have the 75% One-Step Calibration Kit for your hygrometer.....no more salt wrap tests needed.

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