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The Original Shuriken Cutter (NEW)

The Original Shuriken Cutter (NEW)
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Shuriken Cigar Cutter

NEW cigar cutting technology, with I-Draw Technology allows you to control your cigars draw. Shuriken leaves the cap in tact and cuts six razor thin slits around the outside of the cigar. Most of the cigar's taste is in the wrapper. By leaving the cap intact, the cigars flavour intensifies. The smoke draws more evenly throughout the entire cigar, this cutting method cools the smoke and redirects it towards the front of the palate where the most pleasant tastes are experienced. A new concept and I love it, will cut up to a 60 ring guage and does torpedos too!

I love new gadgets and this is a must have. Cigarworld Australia is the first to bring you this new cutter, we hope you love it as much as we do!

  • 6 Blades set in a star pattern
  • Cut slits around the cap of your cigar
  • Cuts up to a 60 ring
  • Dimensions: 2 ½” L x 1” W
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