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Stainless Steel Twin Blade Precision Cigar Guillotine

Stainless Steel Twin Blade Precision Cigar Guillotine
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Stainless Steel Twin Blade Precision Cigar Guillotine 

The "Precision Cut" guillotine cigar cutter is designed to cut just the right amount of tobacco off the cap of your cigars.

Cutting too much off the head of your cigar can cause it to unravel or fray leaving smokers with bits of tobacco in the mouth.

The trick is to NOT cut past the cap of the cigar.

How does the "Precision Cut" cigar cutter work? 

When the blades of a standard guillotine cutter are open, you can see directly through the center of the cutter. Unlike most cutters, the "Precision Cut" guillotine cutter has a solid back side and you cannot see through the center of the cutter when the blades are opened (see the image above). This solid back prevents the cigar from being passed through to the other side. Instead, when the cigar is placed inside the cutter chamber, it is stopped 3-5 millimeters passed the blade when it hits the chamber wall. Performing a "Precision Cut" at this point is easy. Just hold the cigar against the chamber wall and perform the cut. The perfect amount of tobacco will be taken off the cap of the cigar each and every time. Cutter comes in a black gift box.

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