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Prometheus Cutter H Barley

Prometheus Cutter H Barley
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Prometheus Cutter H Barley

The Prometheus Cutter H (Barley) combines elegance, ergonomics, and efficacy into a single unique device. The Cutter H's comfortable design and sharp blades will enable you to achieve clean, crisp cuts on cigars. The large cutter hole lets you cut cigars as large as 60 ring gauge without any problem. The Prometheus Cutter H has stainless steel blades produced by master blade makers, and are known worldwide for their sharpness, precision, and durability. Each Prometheus cutter has an outer body designs that is a timeless modern classics. 

Thin, Sleek Design

Stainless Steel Blades

Release Button To Expose Blade

Cuts Up To 60 Ring Gauge Cigar

Size: 4cm x 6.6 x 1.1

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