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KLARO - Belmont Glass Top Humidor 30-60 cigars

  • KLARO - Belmont Glass Top Humidor 30-60 cigars
  • KLARO - Belmont Glass Top Humidor 30-60 cigars
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Product Description

KLARO - Belmont Glass Top Humidor 30-60 cigars

DimensionsW11 x L9 x H6.2 (Inches)

Cigar                      Capacity
Petite Corona  38G  85-90
Corona           42G  55-58
Robusto          50G  44-47
Toro               50G  48-52
Toro               52G  44-45
Toro               54G  35
 Toro              60G  25-30

  Classically Designed

Introducing the Belmont Glass Top Humidor by Klaro. This classically designed desktop humidor is larger than our most popular Renzo model and comes finished with rich saddle brown vegan leather and polished gold metal hardware. Unlike the competitors, the inside is lined with 5mm thick solid cedar walls that lock in humidity, making your cigar storage effortless. Stack your cigars any way you want with the new patent-pending Peg System. The modular walls fit into a grid in the wood tray cover on the bottom of the humidor, giving you the freedom to organize your cigars just how you like them. While the other guys give you little to nothing, we've included everything you need to get up and running with your new Klaro humidor. We include our custom patent-pending Hydro System, which comes with a humidification tray, one bottle of regular Humidor Solution, and one bottle of Winter + Dry Climate Humidor Solution Mix. At Klaro, you are never left wanting more out of the box.

  • More Cedar

While the other guys include .2mm thick cedar veneer; we've lined the Belmont with 5mm thick cedar coaming that properly seasons your sticks while making your humidor maintenance a piece of cake.

  • Accessory Drawer

Store your lighter, cutter, travel case, and other Klaro accessories in the exceptionally soft felt-lined drawer. (Accessories Not Included)

  • Digital Hygrometer

Our digital hygrometers are designed from the ground up to be more accurate and prevent leaks inside and out using silicone seals and the best humidity sensors in their class.

  • Stack How You Want - The Peg System

The Belmont Glass Top Humidor features the new patent-pending Peg System. This system is a modular way of organizing your cigars inside the humidor. We include six cedar walls and plastic pegs that rotate into the peg holes in the wood tray. Stack and store how you like.

  • Everything Included To Get Started

The Hydro System is a fully integrated humidity solution that includes 2 starter bottles of humidity solution. While the other guys give you nothing or cheap sponges that don't work, our humidity system is straightforward and dials in the humidity between 65-72% RH.

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