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Cigar Wrapper Repair Glue

  • Cigar Wrapper Repair Glue
  • Cigar Wrapper Repair Glue
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Product Description

Ever found yourself in a situation where your cigar began to unravel? WAIT!! Do not toss that unravelled cigar out just yet. What if I told you there was a little vial of magic goo that would bring your cigar back to life and make it as good as new, would you believe me? Well seeing is believing so feast your eyes on the El Ligador Cigar Repair Glue! This glue isn't just some cancerous craft glue, no, this glue is the same glue big cigar manufacturers use when rolling their cigars. So if you find cigar glue a bit weird just remember, you've been smoking it this entire time without any complications. Welcome back to reality, now would like the convenience of cigar fixing on the go then purchase yourself some El Ligador Cigar Repair Glue. Once you've got your glue you might not know how to apply but it is easy. Simply apply the glue to the unravelled area and press down. It's that simple. Never throw away or give up on an unravelling cigar again! Credo El Torcedor Cigar Glue 5ml / .17 fl oz Bottle. This is the traditional recipe of the Cuban torcedores. A small bottle of pure vegetal glue with its applicator. No harsh taste or smells, just pure clean cigar repair bliss. Instructions: Softly spread out the glue under the damaged wrapper with the applicator. Then roll again the wrapper and let dry for a few minutes. Essential Tools for Every Cigar Smoker. The perfect companion to a new or existing humidor or smoking room.

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