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BOVEDA 72% 2-Way Humidity Pouch 60grm

  • BOVEDA 72% 2-Way Humidity Pouch 60grm
  • 72% Humidity
  • BOVEDA 72% 2-Way Humidity Pouch 60grm
  • Use pouches in conjunction with the 4-pouch Cedar Holder inside your humidor.
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Product Description

Boveda 72% 2-way Humidity Pouch (Large 60grms) - USA

The 60grm Boveda 72% Humidity Pouch will keep up to 25 cigars in absolutely perfect condition in your humidor.

These will last between 2 to 4 months, depending on how frequently you open and close your storage device.

Ideal for a box of cigars on the go or kept in your desktop humidor. Perfect for both cigars and pipe tobaccos, excellent if travelling for long periods.

No need to do anything, no water need and keeps a constant 72%. Solves every problem with refillable sponges/gel.

No activation needed, just throw in your humidor and walk away.

Not individually packaged in cello but will be sent in a re-sealable bag upon dispatch.

Actual size : 5.25" x 3.5"

Why not add one to your cigar purchase online, this will ensure they are in perfect condition upon arrival to you.

Or purchase the 4 pack Cedar Holder & 4 pouches, to keep 100 cigars in perfect condition at all times, then just replace the pouches as required.

Check out the 69% or 84% for seasoning your humidor, we even have the 75% One-Step Calibration Kit for your hygrometer.....no more salt wrap tests needed.

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