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New German Beer Steins available at Cigarworld Australia

Posted on 14th Oct 2016 @ 3:43 PM

Struggling with gift ideas for Christmas? Stuff a Christmas beer stein in the stocking. Beer and Eggnog both taste better in a stein. Besides serving up cold one after cold one, our beer steins make exceptional display pieces. Set them up behind your bar or over the mantle for unique doubling as a conversation starter. As fun as it is to throw one back out of your favourite German beer stein, some gentlemen get their kicks by proudly gazing upon their beer steins as they rest on the mantelpiece. Many of our collections fit the bill—and demand proud gazing. :- A Brief History of German Beer Steins German Beer Steins were originally produced to combat health issues that triggered the Bubonic Plague. Strict laws enforcing sanitation on the ingredients, transport, and quality of beer led to a vast improvement in the taste of German beer. This in turn placed a higher value and importance on the Beer Stein and made owning your own unique stein a thing of desire. A Beer Stein became a status symbol and display piece for each German family emblazoned with a household crest, shield or expression. As the old saying goes: "The German will place great value on that which brings him his food or drink." Likewise we place great care and esteem in bringing you that which has fascinated collectors since the 13th century, The German Beer Stein. All of the German Beer Steins featured on our site are handmade, hand-painted, exceptional works of art. Each Beer Stein is carefully crafted by artisans in Germany of historic origins (The Walt, King-Werks, Zöller and Born) and imported by Cigarworld Australia. Every Limited Edition German Beer Stein is individually numbered and stamped with the manufacturer's mark and country of origin, making each Beer Stein strikingly distinctive. A not-quite-everyday reflection! A beer stein is: ~ a drinking receptacle ~ a souvenir from Old Germany ~ a knick-knack ~ a collector's piece ~ a kitsch item ~ an investment ~ a Bavarian status symbol Beer steins are popular in Germany, America, Japan, Russia and practically in all other countries as a thoroughly German original product.