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  • Art Deco Style Gold Double Guillotine
    $58.00 Add To Cart Art Deco Style Gold Double Guillotine
    This Art Deco Style guillotine cigar cutter is manufactured with the highest standards in quality. If we could put this cutter in your hands you would immediately see how exceptional the operation is. The action of this...
  • Big Daddy 80 Ring Gauge Double Cigar Cutter
    $18.00 Add To Cart Big Daddy 80 Ring Gauge Double Cigar Cutter
    This is the grand master of pocket cigar cutters, cutting up to an 80 ring gauge cigar.
  • Black Plastic Double Cutter
    $6.00 Add To Cart Black Plastic Double Cutter
    Black Plastic Double Cutter - China Very easy to use double cutter, extremely durable and cuts up to a 54 gauge cigar. Perfect for weekend outings. Cutter may differ slightly from the one in photo...
  • Cigar Aficionado Single Guillotine
    $75.00 Add To Cart Cigar Aficionado Single Guillotine
    NOW BELOW COST PRICE! CIGAR AFICIONADO CIGAR GUILOTINE - (US) Tobacco brown in colour, Very Sharp blade with pointed tip. In celebrating 20 years of Cigar Aficionado, why not grab one of their original accessories that was...
  • Plastic V Cigar Cutter
    $12.50 Add To Cart Plastic V Cigar Cutter
    The classic has returned...... THE V CUTTER. This is an old school cutter that cuts a cats eye shape out of the back of your cigar, not able to be used properly on any torpedo shaped cigar, but perfect for any flat headed...
  • The Original Shuriken Cutter (NEW)
    $42.00 Add To Cart The Original Shuriken Cutter (NEW)
    Shuriken Cigar Cutter NEW cigar cutting technology, with I-Draw Technology allows you to control your cigars draw. Shuriken leaves the cap in tact and cuts six razor thin slits around the outside of the cigar. Most of the...